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Two common reasons why new homeowners hire locksmiths

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Here are a couple of common reasons why new homeowners hire locksmiths.

They want to ensure that no one but their own household members has keys to their home

A new homeowner may decide to book a locksmith to change their new home's locks and make new keys if they're concerned that people they don't know might have copies of the existing keys. When done by an experienced locksmith, this process is quick and straightforward and can provide the homeowner with several benefits.

For example, changing the locks to their new home will mean that they won't need to worry if the previous owner's friends, dog walker, cleaner, or nanny still have a key, that they could use to enter the home when it's unoccupied. Even if a homeowner has purchased a newly built property that no one has ever lived in before, having the locks changed by a locksmith could still give them greater peace of mind, as there is a chance that the tradespeople who were involved in the construction of the building may have made copies of the existing keys.

Homeowners might also need to have a locksmith do this job for them for insurance reasons. If for example, they want to buy a home insurance policy, they may need to confirm to the insurance company that they and their family are the only keyholders of the property. The best way for them to ensure that this is definitely the case would be to get the locks replaced and get new keys.

They've moved into an old house with old, worn locks

A homeowner who has moved into an old house with equally old locks might also need to have their locks evaluated by a locksmith. The reason for this is that old locks might contain corroded components or may have sustained damage over the years that might make them more likely to seize up when the new homeowner begins using them regularly. In this situation, the locksmith might either need to do some repairs to the locks or replace them, depending on their condition.

Having a locksmith do this evaluation, along with any necessary repairs or lock replacements, could save the homeowner the stress of getting their key stuck in the door and not being able to exit or enter through that door until it was fixed. It could also allow them to avoid breaking the key in one of their home's locks.

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