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Four Security System Additions Expectant Parents Should Consider Adding to Their Homes

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If you are expecting a new baby, there may be a number of things you need to modify in your home, including your security system. Want to ensure your security system is ready to protect your new baby? Here are some of the elements you should consider adding:

1. Window security in the nursery

In addition to choosing cute paint and furniture for your baby's nursery, you should also think about security. If you don't have an alarm on that window, install one now. If the unthinkable happens and someone tries to breach the window into your baby's room, the alarm will alert you as well as the monitoring company.

2. Extra fire alarms

When you have a baby, you may want to increase the number of fire alarms you have in your home. Don't rely on old fashioned alarms that only detect smoke. Instead, opt for an alarm that can detect fires as they smoulder — remember many house fires start by smouldering in furniture or window treatments, rather than with big flames. This is especially true when you compare an environment like a baby nursery to a kitchen. Ideally, your alarm should also be connected to a monitored security system. That way, if a fire starts, the authorities will be dispatched more quickly, protecting you and your new baby.

3. Door sensors

If you have door sensors involved with your existing security system, you may want to review your existing sensors and add more. These sensors can be particularly helpful as your new bub starts to toddle around. You don't necessarily have to connect the sensors to the monitored security system.

Instead, you can have them beep every time they are triggered. In particular, place sensors on all external doors including the door leading to the garage, and consider adding them to laundry room doors, basement doors or anywhere else that could be potentially dangerous.

4. Security cameras

You also may want to add a few cameras to your home. If you spend a lot of time at home, you may want to add a doorbell camera. Then, if someone rings the doorbell when you are busy with the baby, you can look at the camera feed using a mobile device and buzz them in if you like. Alternatively, if you plan to leave the baby at home with another caretaker, you may want a camera so that you can check in on them while you are at work.