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Safe as Houses: How to Conceal a Home Safe

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Many families purchase a safe to store valuables more securely in the home. However, too often people overlook the vitally important question of where to place their safe after purchase. You do not want to keep your safe on display for everyone to see. Ideally, you want your valuables to be easily accessible to the family but well concealed in case of robbery. Follow these top tips to find the best spot for your safe and boost your home security. 


Storing your home safe in the bedroom makes it easily accessible to all the family. However, you will need to take steps to conceal it to prevent it from looking out of place.  Many people opt to install a sliding mirror on the wall of the bedroom, behind which you can create a cupboard in which to keep the safe. This way, you get a shiny new mirror and the safe will be hidden away without drawing any necessary attention. You can have a good night's sleep safe in the knowledge that your safe is securely stored just a few feet away. 


Your garage provides a wealth of areas to camouflage a safe. A particularly cunning way to hide it is in a cardboard box. This box should then be placed alongside some other cardboard boxes in the garage space. These will not look out of place- as garages are often cluttered with boxes and will not be very attractive to potential burglars as people are unlikely to store valuables so far from the house. Just make sure that you have a way of identifying which box contains your safe. 

Electrical panel 

A clever way of concealing a safe is in a household electrical panel. A contractor can be called upon to mount your safe on a wall, placing a fake electrical panel on the front. This panel can even contain a combination lock that will be made to look like part of the electrical workings but will, in fact, be a method of accessing your valuables. Intruders are highly unlikely to recognise the fake panel as a safe and would be reluctant to attempt to tamper with potentially live electrics. 

If you have any questions or concerns about how to conceal your safe within your home, you should contact a professional locksmith service. They will be able to assess your property, offer advice and carry out any necessary work.