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Why You Need to Change Your Locks Before Moving Into a New Home

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Moving into a new home is often an exciting experience for most homeowners. However, many usually forget one of the most important security measures to take when moving into a new home — changing the locks. Failure to change the old locks in your new property makes your home highly susceptible to burglary and break-ins. Before settling into your new home, it is essential to have a locksmith change all the locks.

Who has the keys to your home?

It is practically impossible to tell how many people have the keys to your new home. Many people hand over keys to their relatives and close friends, and most of these often go unclaimed even after the individuals move out of the home. In some instances, people lose the keys to their home and opt to use the spare keys. These situations mean that some keys to the door locks in your new home could be in the hands of strangers, and this can compromise the security of your home.

Even if you have been assured that all the sets of keys are available, it is possible that the previous owner duplicated the keys. The only way to be sure that you are the only one with a copy is to have the locks changed.

Why change the locks?

Besides the possibility of multiple unaccounted for keys, there are several other reasons why replacing the locks to your new home could be a good idea for your home's security. They include the following:

  • There may be some weak, damaged or rusted locks that may be prone to bumping and breaking. Also, they may be unable to offer sufficient security if they are working inefficiently.
  • There may be insufficient locks to secure the property. Some windows and doors such as the garage, shed and patio doors may not have locks. Remember, burglars can easily access your property through such unsecured doors. For example, tools in the garage or shed can be used to break into your property.
  • Some locks may not meet the Australia standard requirement for home insurance. If there is a break-in, such locks can bring about issues during compensation. Installing new locks gives you the opportunity to purchase high-security locks that meet these standards.

Changing the locks to your new home should be among the top things on your list when moving house. Contact a qualified locksmith who can evaluate your home's security, offer advice on the best locks on the market and help you replace the locks.