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Rekeying: Situations When It Is the Best Solution

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Rekeying is one of the best ways to secure your locks. Through a rekeying process, you can change the working key and keep the same lock. A locksmith changes the tumbler inside the lock, rendering your old key useless. You then get a new key that matches your new tumbler to continue operating your lock without challenges. Rekeying is a cheaper and faster alternative compared to changing the entire lock.

While there are different strategies you can use to boost your home's security, rekeying might be the best solution in the following situations.

When Occupying a New Property

One of the situations when rekeying your locks is advisable is when moving to a new property. Even if the property owner gives you several copies of each lock, you might not know who else has similar copies. Therefore, rekeying might be necessary if you want to have peace of mind in your new home. 

Additionally, the process is easy and affordable. Yet, it will save you a lot of stress because after rekeying your locks, then the old keys will no longer function. It means you will be the only person in possession of the keys to your house. 

When Your Spouse Moves Out

It would help if you also rekeyed your locks after you part ways with your partner. After separation, your spouse might want to access critical documents to use against you in your divorce case. Furthermore, they might want to take out your marital assets without the legal property division process.

The best way to ensure that all your documents and belongings are safe after a separation is to rekey all your locks. That way, you'll prevent your ex-spouse from entering your house without your permission once they have moved out.

When You Want to Boost Your Home's Security

After living in a house for several years, you might have made several copies of your keys and issued them to some of your relatives and friends. Though doing this might be essential, it can create a security threat. Therefore, it might be prudent to rekey your locks if you feel too many people have keys to your house. That ensures that you're the only person who has the working copies for all your locks.

When you face any of the situations above, hire a professional locksmith to rekey your locks. Locksmiths have the skills and experience to rekey the locks without damaging other components.