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Office Safes | 3 Factors When Adding A Commercial Safe To Your Office For The First Time

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If you run a medical practice, a restaurant, a law firm or any other business built on confidentiality, then adding office safes may be a smart idea to protect your documents from theft or damage. But choosing the right one can be tricky when you're doing this for the first time. Follow these considerate factors when adding office safes for the first time.

Choose The Right Resistance Grade To Different Attacks

Standards Australia has stipulated specific guidelines under AS/NZS 3809:1998 for safes and strong rooms. Under these guidelines, different resistance grades for different attacks are offered to help you establish the type of commercial safe that best suits the needs of your business. For instance, if you are looking for basic security for a small business, then grades 0, I and II are suited to your needs. If you are looking for more security to protect different items for your business, then grades III, IV, V and VI will meet your needs when choosing office safes. Higher security resistance grades are also available based on your business requirements. Generally, materials like steel and composite are well known for their fire and theft resistance. Choose wisely because losing important documents could prove to be fatal to your business success.

Plan Your Location Judiciously Based On People Accessing The Safe

When considering the location of office safes, be cognisant of the people who will be accessing it. For instance, if you have an older partner at your law firm, then expecting him/her to bend down to the floor every time the safe needs to be opened may not be smart. If you are planning to install office safes inside walls, they must be made from solid brick. If they are made from plasterboard and other flimsy materials, then you will have no choice but to choose floor locations because the safe weight will be too much for these types of walls.

Think Of The Type Of Locking Mechanism You Want For The Safe

When it comes to locking your office safes, you probably have a few choices. You can choose between digital locks and keys based on your specific preferences. A digital lock means you have to input a specific code, which is only available to certain people in your business. This is highly secure and often comes with an overriding key in case you forget the digital code combination. You can also choose to have a key lock, which means that inserting a key into the hole can open office safes. You can even have a safe with a combination of these locks for added safety.

Pay close attention to these factors when adding office safes to your business. For more information, contact local professionals like Askwith Company.